5 website design techniques which are harmful for your website and SEO ranking

Having a website is a preliminary requirement for not just new business owners but established ones as well. It is easy to own a website these days but what is tricky is its designing and SEO set up. There is no dearth of website design companies that could help you with this but not each will provide you with the results that can help you climb up the SEO rankings. There are many website design techniques that may be harming your website and its ranking.

The following are the top 5 website design techniques that you must avoid:

1. Infinite scrolling

Scrolling may be a good website design technique but it is not suitable for all websites. It is useful for those websites where content structure is flat but not for those where the aim of the website is to assist users to locate a certain task or in those cases where the goal is to compare choices.

2. Using tables in the layout

Another website design technique which you must ask your SEO service provider to avoid is using tables in the website layout. Tables can complicate the look and functionality of the website and they also require a lot of maintenance. Moreover, tables tend to obstruct the flexibility of website and affect the SEO as well.

3. No mobile configured design

These days, most websites are configured to fit in the mobile phone size and the lack of this can be another thing to avoid. Your website must be mobile friendly and should have an adaptive and flexible design. Make sure you avoid the mistake of not having this and discuss this with your web designer.

4. Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling proves useful in many cases but it can cause lower valuation for SEO ranking. If the website has infographics then parallax scrolling can be a designing mistake and hence must be avoided. Moreover, web pages with this scrolling may become slow to load.

5. Lazy loading

Lazy loading is that kind of loading where images or content does not load until the user does not interact with that part of the page. This kind of loading too lowers down the SEO ranking of the website and may hence prove to be a negative for your business.

So now that you know what techniques to avoid, you can easily communicate with your website designer and discuss these points. There are many good website designers in Dubai , UAE and if you are looking for one who would keep these points in mind, then you can log on to Click the Design and get the services of the most trusted company in town.